Parallel Space-Multi Accounts App Reviews

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May money back

I want my money back , that’s stuped alication

Fake app

This app is fake I bought it and it’s not working the app is a big scam

This is scam

I need my money back

This is a scam

Please I want my money refunded it's fraud

Such a Stupid App

Very annoying scam


This app is a ripoff don’t buy it . It should be removed from apple store !!!!

It’s not working on iPhone

It’s a scam

Don’t buy!! Need refund

App does not event start.. why would apple approve an app like this??

Waste of $$

Does not do what parallel space is meant to do

Waste of money

This app does not work. It’s in fact a waste of money so you guys should take it down and stop scamming people with it or better work on it to get it to perform. I need my money back pls


Horrible, bad version of Whatsapp web

Doesn’t work on iPhone

They should tell you it doesn’t work on iPhones. I downloaded the app for $10, it didn’t work; so I downloaded this one for $6. Same thing. If you have an iPhone do NOT pay for this!

This is a scam.

Its very clearly being sold under false claims. It basically does nothing. Im surprised its still being sold in Apple Store. When you open the app, theres only one page it opens to. The page says: to install whatsapp on your computer do so and so.


Doesn't work. Two WhatsApp numbers on same iPhone is not true.

Estafa total

Es una estafa no hay ningun segundo WhatsApp solo dice como conectarse a WhatsApp escritorio. Exijo la devolución de mi dinero Propaganda engañosa. Gracias


Give me my money it doesn’t work!!! There is no way to connect I can’t find it in my settings

Feel cheated

Just feel cheated. Just a web base Whatsapp

bad program

get back my money its very bad program no more apps only one


No se pueden tener dos cuentas en el mismo teléfono es lo mismo que el whatapps web!!!! estafa!!!!


Полное гавно. Не покупайте. Считывает по блютузу с вашего де второго айфона

Its a scam, return my money Immediately

Its a scam, return my money Immediately


This app is a scam. Don't download this app. And please refund my money. Otherwise I am reporting this incident to Apple INC directly.

This if a fraud & scam

Guys don't buy it , it's scam

Piece of crap

Worst of all times! Got stolen!!

This is theft

This is theft I should read reviews before buying this fake app

Refund my money

This app is a scam and fraud. Return my money ASAP!

Very Bad don't pay for this

Very Bad don't pay for this

this app is wack,i'm so dissatisfied 😩


Lying app

I want my money back! it is such a lying app. app store should not allow such apps , they will lose credibility!

Waste of money

This app is very useless as the possible of purchasing it a fruitless one. You guys should work on it and get it functional then upgrade it so we can update and have the functional one.. thanks...


This app doesn't work. Don't lose ur money and time. This doesn't work at all.

I have a reply from this developer

Cumhur Karabulut has left a new comment on the post "Want to use 2 numbers for Whatsapp??? . Finally He...": Whats is This ? Send my money back dosent work 2 Whatsapp Numbers same to pc You are lier Post a comment. Unsubscribe to comments on this post. Posted by Cumhur Karabulut to Whats2App at 25 May 2017 at 08:43 mean that all customers buying your crap app are lying? Check your're gonna be reported as a Scam.

So bad

Fake program run away

Not working

Its waist of money . I cannot use 2 whatsapp numbers on one iphone . Any help from developer ?

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